Talent demand in the finance industry is expected to grow every year tremendously. With this rate, the recruiters need to know how they can find the best talent and hire potential employees from the market. In this challenging market where it hard to find the job, it is equally hard for the recruiters to find the right candidate.

Though recruitment in every industry roams around some basic necessary tips, the financial industry is a specific one. The finance sector comes with its unique challenges are requirements that make it somehow difficult for both the candidates and the recruiters to meet up at the same platform. Where candidates are getting themselves ready to be your best choice, the recruiters must also take the necessary steps to search for and hire the best talent.

Here are some tips and tricks for the recruiters to hire the best talent keeping the challenges of the finance sector in mind:

1.    Improving employer branding

Investing in your employer branding is very important if you want to attract the best talent from the crowd. Do a complete research about how the candidates and customers perceive your brand and what they want to know more. Once you know their point of view, you can look at the impression you are making through the information you are sharing about yourself. Focus on their demands and your company’s branding, make the necessary changes in the way you represent your company to reach your ideal candidates easily. Recruitment is just like marketing and you have to reach out to your target audience through employer branding.

2.    Sourcing strategies

Gone are the times when the candidates used to look at the job section of the print media only. Being the company in demand of the best candidates, you have to be open about sourcing strategies. You can’t just stick to one media; you need to expand your research as the young talent is now found in more than one place.

The most commonplace for young talent is a social media platform where they are found all the time. You can post your job there, make an impression of your company, and gather the attention of the potential candidates. 71% of accounting and finance professionals said that they have been looking for the job on online job boards like indeed, as well as specific boards such as CareerBank, BrokerHunter, etc. You can also post on LinkedIn and look for the right talent. The more you expand, the more you will be able to reach wider options.

3.    Inclusive recruitment principles

There is no surprise that the finance industry has always been struggling with diversity. A recent study showed that less than a quarter of participants were very well aware that the company they are applying in is looking to hire females and those from minority groups. But as the industry is progressing, some companies are looking for a more diverse workforce. By looking for diversity and opening your doors to everyone, you are showing that you welcome talent and abilities.

You can implement the inclusive recruitment principle in various ways. For instance, you can try writing the ad that attracts diverse candidate and propose blind hiring to eliminate biases. You can make it your standard to hire the candidates based on their characteristics and skills rather than gender and social status.

4.    Connect through social media and email

Now is the era of digital technology, so it is important to keep up the pace with the changing world. You can enhance your recruiting efforts by connecting with your candidates through email and social media platforms. It will be a great way to reach potential young talent.

Email marketing is a great proven tool to stay in touch with the professionals. Also, talented candidates often look for companies that value them even if they are not hired yet. Nobody likes a place where you give an interview and is not called for several weeks. Even when you are not hiring them, you can still send them regular emails about the new openings and new policies. It will open up a pipeline of a great connection for you.

5.    Employee referral program

If you want to build a great company culture, it is best to focus on your current employees; give them the confidence they deserve. Employee referral programs are the best way to reach new talent through the potential talent you already have. Many companies are using employee referral programs as their primary recruiting technique. Studies have shown that it has been a very effective program in recruiting young talent and keeping the company at progress.

Consider starting a referral program where you reward you, current employees, for introducing you to the professional talent from their circle. It not only saves your recruiting cost but also saves a lot of time along with giving your current employees the attention they deserve.

6.    Use recruitment marketing strategies

When hiring in the finance sector, you need to use different strategies to attract the best talent. You have a focus on the targeted strategies to build a talent pool of qualified candidates for your present and future hiring needs.

Apply these strategies in a way to appeal the target candidates to apply and ask for the specific skills required for the job. You can think about new and creative ways to reach out to the candidates. You can create interesting digital content and start recruitment campaigns to get their attention.

You can also use tools like programmatic job advertising to put your job requirement in front of the right candidates. It will help you direct the ideal candidate profiles with the specific attributes you are looking for. Though recruiting in the finance sector is a challenging one, but putting in a little effort in the recruitment strategies can get your hands on the right talent for your company. You have to be active and flexible in your recruitment program to make sure you are shaping the future of your company the right way.

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